Hollandia Soccer Club

Hollandia Academy and Skill Centre

We are pleased to announce starting this fall, Hollandia will be offering affordable, advanced training opportunities for players who want more than their regular club practices.

This is a departure from our previous practice of out-sourcing advanced training to various academies. This new process will greatly reduce costs of advanced training, and eliminate conflicts for players who want regular games AND advanced training.

Why did we create Hollandia Academy and Skills Centre?

As a non-profit organization, it is our obligation to continue to provide top quality programming. We recognize the opportunity to provide an advanced level of training to our members who are interested.

We feel that we can also provide supplementary training for a very competitive cost, allowing more players access to training. We are able to provide club and academy training at a rate 22% lower than outside academies.

Playing with Hollandia & Hollandia Academy includes a SYSI organized league, referees, top facilities, the best coaches in the city, and specialized academy training.

Who will be providing instruction?

Our Academy and Skill Centre is led by two very familiar faces in the Saskatoon soccer scene – Percy Hoff and Austin Boryski.

Contact us for more information.